ProQ 100

ProQ 100

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ProQ 100 is a true innovation that combines precision class revenue metering with leading edge power quality measurement. The product range covers HV, MV and LV4 configurations for applications at different hierarchy levels in generation, transmission and distribution grids. ProQ 100 provides a wide range of features and meets high accuracy standards while providing power quality measurements in line with the latest power quality standards. ProQ 100 is well suited for use by grid operators and industrial customers to:

  • Monitor and manage electricity grids and supply quality contracts
  • Monitor supply quality and ensure regulatory compliance
  • Analyze industrial plant supply networks for disturbances (origin) and impact on sensitive loads

Standard rack mounting provides the flexibility to retrofit/upgrade existing systems. ProQ 100 has multiple communications channels and standard protocol support, making it easy to integrate with multiple systems for simultaneous communications (e.g. power quality monitoring, SCADA and remote meter reading applications).

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