Liberty EG4v 10

Liberty EG4v 10

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We believe that a smart meter is installed not just to provide an energy supplier with more information to put in their customers’ bills or statements. It is also there to show the customer exactly how much energy they are consuming throughout the day. This real-time information helps the customer see where they can reduce consumption, thereby saving money and reducing carbon emissions.

Secure Meters is proud to present the Liberty EG4v 10 smart gas meter, designed to meet the United Kingdom Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specification (SMETS) and give customers and energy suppliers a full range of both smart prepayment and smart credit features. Together with an easy-to-use in-home display (Pipit 500) or other smart in-home devices, this gives energy suppliers the information they need, via a communications hub built into a Liberty 100 smart electricity meter, as well as allowing customers to take control of their energy consumption.

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