Beanbag Cool

Air-conditioning provides cooling and consumes a lot of energy. What we actually need is comfort!

Many factors affect comfort. With the help of inbuilt logic, Beanbag Cool delivers consistent cooling comfort by adjusting air-conditioners to changes in ambient conditions and user-activities automatically. Altering units by hand and taking a guess about the most appropriate temperature-setting is history.

If power source switches to DG, Beanbag Cool can adjust air-conditioners to an economic mode and protect users from potentially high running costs. With Beanbag Cool’s web app, facility managers can control multiple cooling systems more efficiently, simply and cost effectively than ever before.



User manual
Quick installation guide FCU Thermostat
Quick installation guide DX Thermostat

Live cooling control

Beanbag Cool makes life easier, avoids energy waste and significantly reduces operational costs, whilst increasing comfort.





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