Trouble shooting

Why can’t I access my thermostat using the mobile app?

Check if:

  1. Thermostat is Powered ON
  2. Router is switched ON and internet is connected
  3. Device is within the Wi-Fi range

My thermostat does not turn OFF the cooling unit, even when the temperature is much below the set-point temperature?


  • For a malfunctioning valve (in FCU type cooling systems).
  • If wiring is in accordance with the installation instructions (for Beanbag Cool 600 thermostat series devices).

My thermostat display is appearing blank (Beanbag Cool 600 thermostat series) or the LED on the device (Beanbag Cool 500 thermostat series) does not glow

  • Check your mains power supply
  • Check your wiring connections
  • Check the ON/OFF button (at the top) status. Amber light indicates it has been turned OFF. Press the button again to turn it ON again.
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