Installation and commissioning

How do I commission my thermostat?

Can I use a single thermostat to control multiple ACs?

It is not recommended.

How can I control and monitor my thermostat remotely?

Using the Beanbag Cool mobile/web app and a Wi-Fi enabled router with Internet connectivity.

How can I re-commission the thermostat with a new AC?

Please contact the Beanbag technical support team at 1800-30000-101 (Valid in India)

How do I transfer my Beanbag Cool device from one property to another?

Please contact our service support team.

Verification during IR learning is unsuccessful

  • Retry
  • Check the placement of the thermostat and ensure it is not exposed to direct sunlight (external noise interference)
  • No obstacle between device and AC receiver (LOS)
  • Use the remote to control the AC from the same location as your Thermostat. If you can’t do it, you may require moving the Thermostat and placing it between LOS.
  • If you still cannot verify, re-learn the command

What can I do if the Thermostat learns an incorrect command during IR learning?

If commissioning is still in progress, press Cancel and restart the commissioning process.

If commissioning is complete click the device settings icon and further click Split AC learning to relearn.

Can I pair the same external sensor with multiple thermostats?

No. Each thermostat needs a separate external sensor.

How can I complete the IR learning if my AC remote does not support Fan only mode?

You must set the maximum possible temperature and fan speed on your remote and learn that command to complete the process. For example, set 32 degrees and high fan speed on your remote.

How to identify which external sensor is paired with my thermostat?

Click Device settings>Add remove sensors to check the serial number and MAC ID of the paired sensor

My device can't connect to Wi-Fi during commissioning


  • The entered Wi-Fi credentials (SSID and Password) are correct.
  •  Ensure that your mobile is also connected with the same SSID.
  •  The device is within the Wi-Fi range.

Refer the Beanbag Cool 500 thermostat series and Beanbag Cool 600 thermostat series QIG for detailed router specifications

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